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 The Biking Bishop and his Team are making plans to go to  BARWAAE  <> Click Here

A Change is Coming to BARWAAE
and YOU can be a part of it!

Revival Fellowship Community School has a new name we're now; Bishop A. R. Willis Academy of Advance Excellence.  Located in Lower Johnsonville, "C" Block.  Not only do we have a new name, but a new attitude along with a new look to look forward to in the near future.  For Mrs. Naomi J. Nwachukwu the Proprietress of the school who has seen the growth, board some of its struggles, sweat, and tears; recognizes that it's all about to pay off.
Students are back to school at BARWAAE.  Together, we're going to change the learning conditions and the environment inwhich these children are learning. No fault of their own, but we need your support today.  BIshop
The goals of "BARWAAE" are to make sure all of its students get the maximum education in order to go on to higher learning. Whether it's the next grade or the next level; the opportunity will be there. That next level other than a grade level could also be Elementary, Junior High, High School, College or University.
Another goal of "BARWAAE" is to make the stress of parents or guardians getting an education for their child or children lessened by offering grants or scholarships throughout the school year that students can be awarded to offset their education expenses.  These offerings will have to be applied for; at the times specified with no exceptions





At (BARWAAE) there will be no excuses for why your child is not getting the education they need. We will do all we can and know to do to provide the best atmosphere, conditions, materials, and more to see to it that your child is properly educated and ready to move on to the next grade level. In order to do that we know it takes finances.  So, we are planning and preparing a way for guardians, parents, or parents to see to it that they can get the means through the (BARWAAE) grant and scholarship programs.  More info to come.  

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Formerly, Revival Fellowship Community School

Lower Johnsonville, 1501

Block "C" Community

1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia, Africa

+231 77 718 9817

+231-88 692 3201


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