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Your Donations Will Support   so Many

So, DonateToday

We need your financial support today in order to grow the kingdom of our future leaders.  your tax-deductible offerings will help us in the following; upgraded materials, books, supplies, teachers' salaries, student scholarships, staff, and a lot more.  Consider making a small monthly amount or a substantial one-time offering that will support our children's need of a good education.
If you would like to just give in our scholarship or grant program consider these two options as well.  We would really appreciate your gifts.
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Please Note:  All donations received via our website will, in turn, receive also a letter from PayPal and/or a personal thank you letter from our foundation.  Any and all further inquiries; please email us at

During these uncertain and unprecedented times, it has caused us to change almost every aspect of our lives.  Our way of living is changing every day and this "New Norm" is taking some getting used to.  ​Unemployment is up which makes for paying our bills a lot toucher because this "rainy day" was not in our view at all.  This is one of the reasons why The City of Life Foundation has come up with a means to assist those that can see the opportunity and grab hold to it in order to provide for their family or themselves.  Online schooling for our students is for right now one of the new norms.  Yet, everyone doesn't have the funds to even pay for studies, a computer, or both.  TCOLF is here to assist with its Scholarship Relief Program (SRP) to assist families that have limited resources to be able to use those funds to pay for rent, utilities, food, etc. It just takes filling out the forms, and application fee and answering a few questions. Get this, even if the student has a "C" average under certain criteria they may qualify.  So, what are you waiting for?  Sponsor a Student Today.  Get involved in helping someone else.  People Helping People!
                                                                            Limited Time, Limited Space  (First Come, First Served) 
                                                                                              and a deadline to be announced soon.
                              Fill out the form and let's get started.
                          Your Application will follow in your email
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Formerly, Revival Fellowship Community School

Lower Johnsonville, 1501

Block "C" Community

1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia, Africa

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